Miu Haiti

Born and raised in Haiti, the daughter of a milliner and a saxophonist, Miu is passionate about sharing her music with the world. She made her debut through a contest, using a self-composed song to get started.

The eclectic pop singer-songwriter uses her versatility to combine her unique style with urban rhythms and genres. Her music has been recorded in Creole, French, Spanish, and English, giving her the chance to collaborate with various arrangers and artists from Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, the United States, France, and Haiti.

Miu received the “Best Pop Song” Award for her song ‘They Say” in April 2018 at the Akademia Music Award of Los Angeles and was nominated for Best Female Solo Artist of the Year at the Prestigious Haitian Music Award in the same year.

Evolving in a limited environment, she had to dig deep into her artistic senses. She acted as her own stylist and makeup artist until she was able to work with professionals to solidify her look.

Miu has also touched studied drama, fashion, and poetry, and in the spring of 2012 she published a collection of poems entitled "Danses Affolées".

Miu Haiti is currently working to put out new material.