Young Kings

The Young Kings are a young and talented music group that is pioneering a new sound within the pop and hip-hop genres. Led by Alex Svvet and MALIK, YK gives their listeners sounds ranging from energetic pop Anthems to heartbreak ballads.

Since he was born, MALIK had a passion for music, frequently visiting the studio with his father and rap group “AOD”. As a child, MALIK was initially intimidated by the spotlight, however, as he grew up, he would constantly sing and pen his own rhymes in his notebooks during class. MALIK soon began free styling and writing his own songs to any beats he could get his hands on. While working a summer job at an ice cream shop, MALIK would meet his partner and best friend Alex Svvet.

Alex Svvet discovered his passion for music while participating in his High School’s musical theatre. After being rejected from an audition because he had “no musical talent,” Svvet was fueled by the hate and began learning how to produce and engineer his own music. Alex Svvet has developed his talent in order to create a unique and professional sound.