Get ready to experience film and TV reviews like never before on More Than TV With Caes. In this web series, DJ Caesar shares his honest, energetic opinions of movies and shows across a variety of streaming platforms, along with his recommendations for what you should watch next.

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DJ Caesar

is a Panamanian hip-hop and reggae DJ, media personality, and host, currently presenting the YouTube series “Vibin’ Heavy.” He was born Leonardo Hall III in 1982 in Norfolk, VA, before moving to Panama, where he lived until the age of 5 where he was influenced by Haitian and reggae music and culture. When he returned to the United States to settle in New Jersey, the beats and rhythms of hip hop fueled his inspiration and he immersed himself in the work of artists like the Notorious BIG, Redman, the Lox, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

DJ Caesar’s radio career began in Philadelphia on 103.3 The Beat, where he served as an intern and promotions assistance before gaining prominence on Lord Sear and Rude Jude’s show “All Out,” on Shade 45 and Sirius XM. After this, he went on to host for Hot 107.9 and later again for Shade 45 with the popular program, “Weekend Work.” For three years, DJ Caesar was the voice of the “Afternoon Wave” show on Boon 103.9 in Philadelphia while continuing his work on Sirius XM where he can still be heard every Tuesday at noon, alongside Uptown Radio 98.5 in Philly every Wednesday at 5.