Join the girls for a fitness adventure! Purfek Fit Week is the show for anyone who wants to get in shape or just add some fun to their daily work out! Purfek Fit Week is a movement, everybody's included, and everyone is invited to work together on their fitness journey and improve their health! it's all about self care.

At PurfekTV we dedicate the last week of the month to encourage everyone to keep their body moving. That's why we created Purfek Fit Week hosted by @bodyofagoddess, a fitness guru and personal trainer with style!

Join us to find out the surprise theme for every month to keep your sessions spicy! When you complete your monthly challenge, post a picture or a video of your results with the #purfekfitweekchallege so we can share your progress with the community.

Let's get fit together because taking care of your body is self love.