“06 Gucci (feat. DaBaby & 21 Savage)” by Gucci Mane presents itself as a robust track from the get-go, boasting two of the Hip Hop industry’s heavy hitters DaBaby and 21 Savage on the feature. Gucci Mane’s distinctly gruff delivery shines throughout the song, further establishing his persona as a titan of trap music.

The instrumental backing track marries well with the rappers’ flows, sporting an unsettling but groovy trap beat that dictates the energetic pace of the song. The heavy bassline and punctuated beats work in harmony with their aggressive and rhythmically unique delivery styles.

DaBaby makes a striking appearance on the song, maintaining his usual swift and flamboyant, often humorous, wordplay. His verse adds a layer of playfulness that contrasts with Gucci Mane’s more grounded approach.

21 Savage comes through with his signature deadpan delivery and macabre lyrics, staying true to his reputation. His verse provides a dark and savage tone that differentiates him and adds another dimension to the track.

That said, while fans of these artists might appreciate this track’s hard-edged sound and audacious lyrics, it doesn’t necessarily break new ground. The song, despite its stellar team-up, sticks to typical trap tropes and thematic elements of boasting wealth, street credibility, and substantial bravado.

In conclusion, “06 Gucci” is a solid offering for fans of modern trap music who appreciate bold lyricism and well-executed flows. The collaboration between Gucci Mane, DaBaby, and 21 Savage presents a powerful blend of distinct rap styles, though the song’s content remains within the well-trodden ground of the genre. However, this does not take away from the fact that it is indeed a strong, energetic listen.

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