’89 Earthquake’ by Larry June is a powerful and insightful song that reflects on the artist’s personal journey and experiences. The song is a mix of engaging narratives and complex emotion conveyed through both the lyrics and musical composition.

Larry June’s distinctive delivery sets apart this song from typical hip-hop ballads. His verses are packed with vivid lifestyle imagery, tinged with autobiographical elements that showcase his background and struggles. The lyrics narrate a span from his humble beginnings to his present success with an edge of self-confident swagger.

The refrain “This that Ace of Spades shit” sums up the essence of the song – the flamboyant and unapologetic display of luxury and success. Aspects such as “Lil’ random flight to Vegas, touchdown to a check” and “Real millionaire shit, might put her in the Benz” accentuate the glamorized lifestyle, while the line “Had to put my grind in it, I ain’t stop for none” gives us a glance into the hard work that paid off.

The music complements the lyrics effectively. The beat is catchy, with well-balanced rhythm and instrumentation, while the simple yet stylish backing track lends the words an impactful emphasis.

There is also the emotional pull of the song. Lyrics like “R.I.P. my brother Trey, For you, we forever activated” show poignancy and adds depth, showing us the reality behind the artist’s beaming success.

Overall, ’89 Earthquake’ is an enjoyable and introspective track. It adds a nice depth to Larry June’s discography and provides a compelling look into his life, making it an appealing choice for fans of his work and hip-hop lovers alike.

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