“Change” by BigXthaPlug from his album ‘AMAR’ is a no-holds-barred, grunge-infused hip-hop track. BigXthaPlug delivers razor-sharp lines about his transformation from obscurity to popularity, narrating a vivid portrait of the challenges, betrayals, and bias that he has dealt with along his journey. The lyrics communicate a blend of rebellion and gutsy resilience, remaining unapologetically authentic to the rugged realities of the streets.

The track kicks off with a solid intro – a classic call for more volume, which is very engaging and helps set the tone for the rest of the song. The rhythm delivers an immense amount of energy and a good dose of rawness, which is further amplified by BigXthaPlug’s energetic delivery. The recurring theme is his disdain for the disloyalty he’s faced and his unwavering loyalty to his own gang, a narrative that never waivers throughout the song.

The production on this track is commendable, characterized by heavy and aggressive beats that perfectly complement the raw emotion in BigXthaPlug’s lyrics and delivery. The bridge is a notable highlight, injecting an air of defiance and a dash of audacity, allowing BigXthaPlug to boast about his upward trajectory in his career.

Despite its strengths, the song leans heavily on explicit language and subject matter that not every listener will appreciate. It’s undeniably true to the harsh realities BigXthaPlug paints, but its gritty nature won’t appeal to everyone.

In summary, ‘Change’ by BigXthaPlug is a rugged portrayal of a transformation from obscurity to popularity, infused with a spirit of defiance, resilience, and authenticity. It’s a song for those who favor raw, hardcore rap narratives without any sugar-coating. However, the explicit content and harsh realities reflected in the lyrics may not be palatable to a broader audience.

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