“Did It On’em” is a track from Nicki Minaj’s debut studio album, ‘Pink Friday’, released in 2010. The song, like much of Minaj’s work, brims with her unique blend of boastful swagger, artistic bravado, and unabashed femininity.

The lyrics, though laden with explicit language, are filled with strong and bold statements that assertively underline Minaj’s command over her competitors. ‘All these bitches is my sons’, the ferocious line recurring in the verses, is a testament to how Minaj sees herself as a groundbreaker standing firmly above her rivals. She unabashedly proclaims her supremacy, often invoking imagery of splendor and power.

The instrumental arrangement produced by Bangladesh is equally compelling, infusing hip-hop beats with a vigorous rhythm that complements Minaj’s provocative verses and evocative phrases beautifully while providing a solid backdrop against which her rapping skills shine.

In terms of performance, Minaj showcases her rapid-fire rap delivery, interspersed with entertaining one-liners and humorous interludes that bring out her theatricality. Her audacious rhyming style combined with her unique voice modulation makes her stand out in the genre.

However, this song may not appeal to listeners who prefer more sophisticated or in-depth lyrical content. It’s crucial to understand that the song manifests in the cultural framework of boastful rap battles, where the objective is often to exude a dominating personality and unapologetic self-assurance.

Overall, “Did It On’em” is a definitive Nicki Minaj song: unabashedly bold, fiercely defiant, and charmingly audacious in its execution. It is a perfect testament to her unique style and artistic prowess in the world of hip-hop.

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