In “Do Better,” Ab-Soul masterfully illustrates an introspective narrative of personal growth and self-actualization, set to a backdrop of melodious production. Unearthing the inherent power of his music as a beacon of enlightenment, this stirring track delves deep into a message that’s resonant with audiences far and wide — the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Serving as a testament to Ab-Soul’s innate ability to weave thought-provoking narratives, the music rides on a soul-infused production that captivates the senses from start to finish. The song’s instrumental framework is a harmonious blend of subtle beats and elegant tunes, forming a flawless base for Ab-Soul’s charismatic storytelling.

Ab-Soul employs a conversational flow, taking on an unpretentious, laid-back approach that enhances the track’s resonance with its listeners. His delivery is captivatingly smooth, marked by a relaxed cadence that effortlessly conveys the profundity of his words. The rapper’s style of expression is a testament to his commitment to authenticity, allowing his lyrical content to take center stage.

The lyrics of “Do Better” come across as introspective ruminations, resplendent with metaphorical depictions of overcoming life’s ubiquitous hurdles and the relentless aspiration towards self-improvement. Ab-Soul uses the song as a canvas to paint vivid images of everyday struggle, personal growth, and the unyielding resolve to elevate oneself beyond ordinary constraints.

The enchanting choruses of the song, featuring the soaring vocals of Zacari, serve as a wonderful juxtaposition to Ab-Soul’s rap verses. Zacari’s soulful contribution adds a layer of depth to the track, rendering it a musical tapestry that is as harmonious as it is thought-provoking. The chorus provides a fitting counterpoint to the rap verses, accentuating the song’s central theme while enhancing its overall musicality.

In sum, “Do Better” stands as an emblem of Ab-Soul’s dedication to delivering music that resonates on a deeply personal level. Its evocative lyrical content, soulful production, and complementary performances make it an engaging auditory experience that encourages listeners to pursue their highest potential. This song serves as an inspiring clarion call to audiences, urging them to transcend the mundane and strive for excellence. A track like “Do Better” is not just music, it’s a lifestyle anthem that inspires introspection and propels the listener on a journey of self-discovery.

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