“GILA GILA” by Awich is an intriguing track off her album ‘Queendom’. From the very beginning, the song boasts an infectious rhythm and showcases Awich’s lyrical prowess with intricate wordplay and overlapping verses.

In the opening of the song, Awich’s lines “IllなLegacy, 違うエナジー” set the assertive tone of the song as it translates to “ill legacy, different energy.” She displays confident aggression and self-assured delivery, asserting herself against her detractors.

The chorus which iterates “GILA GILA GIN GIN GILA, Ice on ice on killa” gives this track a catchy quality that makes you want to listen to it again and again. It combines assertiveness with a certain degree of aloofness. The use of English slang ‘Killa’, Japanese phonetics, and repetition gives the song a unique cultural fusion.

The featured artists, JP THE WAVY & YZERR, add a fresh dimension into the mix. While JP THE WAVY’s verse talks about ambitious hustling and criticises haters in distinctive style, YZERR’s verse focuses on his rise from the ghetto to becoming a billionaire, skillfully utilizing metaphors and emphasizing his journey with passion and grit.

The recurring theme of the song appears to be about hustling, achieving success and dealing with detractors. Awich, JP THE WAVY, and YZERR perfectly narrate this in their unique styles, making “GILA GILA” a compelling listen.

Musically, the track features hard-hitting beats, crisp percussion, and surprising melodies that underlie each verse. The song’s production elevates the overall mood, immersing the listener in a powerful auditory experience.

In summary, “GILA GILA” is an impressive piece that combines lyrical dexterity and creative wordplay with compelling beats and formidable delivery. It showcases Awich’s talent, not just as a rapper but also a talented lyricist, making her album ‘Queendom’ a must-listen for any hip-hop fans.

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