“Glizzy” by Quin NFN is a track from his album ‘2’s & 4’s’. The song portrays a raw and unabashed reflection of street culture and lifestyle, enveloped in a gritty lyrical content that requires a certain taste from its listeners.

Musically, the song is quite consistent with the prevalent trends in hip-hop: punchy beats, a string-like synth melody, and a dynamic flow that sits well in the sparse instrumental mix. The production is clean, and the melodic content delivered through the rapping feels engaging.

Lyrically, the track centers around the themes of street warfare and violence – a common trope in many hip-hop songs. The lyrics are filled with references to guns and hard-hitting realities of life on the streets. The wordplay and metaphors used, such as ‘This shit like Legos, we knock blocks off and then we skrrt off’, are bold and provocative.

Both Quin NFN and Lil 2z show their strong delivery skills, effortlessly rapping with rhythm and conviction. Their vocal performances complement the unyielding energy of the track. The repeated references to guns and violence, however, can be off-putting for some listeners who prefer a more positive or diverse subject matter, limiting the song’s potential audience.

In conclusion, while “Glizzy” paints an authentic and vivid image of a certain lifestyle, it runs the risk of becoming redundant due to the repetitiveness of its themes. Lively beats and strong vocal performances are some of the standouts, making it a promising offering for listeners who appreciate this specific side of hip-hop.

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