“Good Good” by Usher is an emotionally charged song that deals with the complex aspects of ending a relationship. A key feature is the smooth blend of Usher’s soulful R&B style, Summer Walker’s melodious drawl and 21 Savage’s unique rap release that culminates in a harmonious fusion.

Starting with Usher’s introspective lyrics, listeners are immediately drawn into a tale of love, loss, and acceptance. The chorus, with lines such as “We ain’t good good, but we still good,” reveals an acceptance of the end of a relationship while maintaining a mutual respect and goodwill. Usher’s vocal performance truly stands out, showcasing his range and emotive abilities.

Summer Walker’s contribution in verse two further deepens the storyline, offering a female perspective, covering hopes, aspirations, and the aftermath of a failed relationship. Walker’s soulful, heartfelt delivery compliments Usher’s tonality and adds a richness to the overall composition.

Bringing in rap verses from 21 Savage gives the song a distinct contrast to the melodic verses of Usher and Walker. Savage’s raw, straightforward lyrics delve into reminiscence and personal growth, delivering a powerful performance that keeps the listener engaged.

Musically, the song features a tranquil R&B beat that leaves enough space for the vocal performances to shine. The beat remains consistent throughout, adding a sense of continuity that allows the evolution of the story between verses.

In conclusion, “Good Good” is a beautifully crafted song that explores the complex dynamics of ending a relationship in a mature and respectful manner. It showcases the talent of Usher, Summer Walker, and 21 Savage who, together, create an engaging musical narrative. This song is perfect for anyone who appreciates well-rounded R&B with emotionally raw lyrics, soulful melodious lines, and powerful rap verses.

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