The expansive universe of trap music is again invigorated by a fresh and scintillating addition – ‘How Things Go’, a standout track from Lil Skies’ eponymous album. This composition, backed by the artist’s ingenious lyricism and meticulous production, weaves an irresistibly catchy tapestry of sound that leaves listeners not just grooving, but also pondering.

From the onset, ‘How Things Go’ hooks the audience with its infectious intro, serving as an auditory fishing line into the depths of the track. The intro, which is both a promise and a premise, sets the stage for the mesmerizing sonic journey that follows. It’s the kind of track that immediately resonates with your auditory senses, creating an immediate and enduring engagement.

The heart of the song lies in its power-packed chorus. It’s a robust and enduring refrain that discusses life’s intricacies and day-to-day hurdles. It stands out with its raw honesty, as the listener is pulled into a chorus that will likely echo in their heads long after the song concludes.

Aiding the chorus is a smooth and rhythmic beat, effortlessly marrying the trap style with a catchy undertone. This beat serves as the backbone of the composition, supporting and enhancing the overall listening experience. It’s as if the beat is the supporting cast member who undoubtedly steals the show, offering a smooth ride through the ups and downs of the song’s narrative.

Lil Skies showcases his lyrical prowess in this track, with wordsmithing that proves both ingenious and poignant. His lyrics navigate the tumultuous waters of challenging life experiences while simultaneously kindling a spark of hope. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of struggle and optimism, a testament to Lil Skies’ ability to craft stories that are relatable yet profoundly individualistic.

The production of ‘How Things Go’ deserves its own round of applause. It effortlessly amplifies the intricate blend of lyrics and beat, giving each element space to shine without overpowering the other. It’s a high-quality sound engineering feat, demonstrating an attention to detail that significantly enhances the track’s appeal.

In sum, ‘How Things Go’ is a delightful confluence of superb production, thought-provoking lyrics, and an infectious beat, all intertwined in a memorable narrative. Lil Skies brings a unique brand of introspective vigor to the trap genre, transforming the listening experience into a deep dive into life’s complexities, making ‘How Things Go’ more than just a song – it’s an experience.

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