In the pantheon of hip hop classics, Nas’ 1996 magnum opus, ‘If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)’, from his acclaimed album ‘It Was Written’, undeniably occupies a revered spot. Nearly three decades since its release, the track remains as resonant and timeless as ever, cherished by both new listeners and long-time aficionados alike.

One of the striking elements of this iconic track is the recurring sample of E.G. Kight’s ‘Hard Times’, which forms the rhythmic backbone of the song, creating a captivating blend of raw energy and captivating rhythm. This sample undergirds the groovy instrumental landscape, fostering an aural environment in which the lyrical prowess of Nas and Lauryn Hill can truly shine.

Nas’ words reverberate with a universal appeal that transcends the confines of time and generation. His lyrical testament to hope, ambition, and the infinite possibilities of a world unbound by the fetters of race, class, or gender, starts the song off on a powerful note. His poignant narrative is not only a critique of societal issues but also a tribute to the power of individual dreams.

Lauryn Hill’s lyrical contributions to the track are nothing short of sublime. Her eloquent verses further amplify the emotive impact of the song, harmonizing perfectly with Nas’ thematic aspirations. Their lyrical interplay manifests as a compelling dialogue that lends the track its unique character.

The song’s musical composition does not just function as an accompaniment to the lyrics but rather exists symbiotically, each amplifying the effect of the other. The enthralling production values and carefully calibrated instrumentation work together to frame the emotive narratives spun by Nas and Lauryn Hill, offering a perfectly balanced soundscape that complements their vocal performances.

Powerful in its symbolism, raw in its intimacy, and profound in its message, ‘If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)’ is a testament to Nas’ ability to spark imaginations and inspire a generation. This track, far from being just a part of ‘It Was Written’, has etched itself into the annals of hip hop history as a masterclass in lyrical storytelling and innovative production. In its timeless appeal and enduring relevance, the song serves as a brilliant exemplar of music’s power to transcend barriers, resonate deeply, and echo through the ages.

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