“I’m From…” by Digga D is a powerful track characterised by a genuine and raw portrayal of the artist’s life experiences, personal growth, and the challenges faced by him throughout his journey. Working with hard-hitting beats and fierce, poetic lyrics, Digga D confidently presents his reality and persistently validates his identity in the face of adversity.

Sonically, the track is driven by a trap-influenced beat which is typical of the UK’s drill music scene. Digga D’s delivery over this beat feels commanding and helps to create an aggressive and unforgiving atmosphere. The beat contains heavy bass and percussion, immediately divorcing it from the more melodic, pop-influenced styles currently dominating much of mainstream hip-hop.

Lyrically, “I’m From…” is uncompromisingly honest and direct. Digga D spends much of the song touching on the dangers, challenges and thrills of his life both before and during his music career. He speaks with conviction about the struggles he’s faced, yet also touches on the material and personal successes he’s enjoyed.

The chorus, in its repetition of “I’m from P Block,” becomes a strong, chant-like refrain that asserts Digga D’s roots and identity. His lyrics paint a vivid and stark picture of the world from where he heralds, ensuring no listener is left unsure of where he stands and what he represents.

While the explicit and violent imagery might not be for everyone, it offers a redolent narrative; for those plugged into the current flow of UK drill scene, “I’m From…” is a significant addition. Digga D’s fearless storytelling and evocative lyricism propel this track to an underground anthem level.

Yet, I would caution those who prefer music that offers more universal themes or a less violent, more mainstream narrative to approach this song with an open mind or perhaps skip it altogether. This song serves an intense hit of reality, a glimpse into a world which many are lucky not to inhabit, but for those within it, Digga D becomes their voice.

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