In his audacious musical piece, “It is what it is,” the artist Kaleb Mitchell has crafted a lyrical force to be reckoned with, producing an exceptional and compelling anthem that underscores the essence of pursuing one’s dreams against all odds. This song, which serves as the title track of his album, is a stirring representation of Mitchell’s remarkable musical prowess.

The song consists of two compelling verses, masterfully performed by Kaleb Mitchell himself, alongside LLC Flame and Gabe. Each verse unveils a compelling narrative of their individual journeys toward success, their calculated risks, and their hard-fought battles against life’s adversities. Kaleb’s verse is notably personal, offering an intimate glimpse into his ascension to stardom. On the other hand, LLC Flame and Gabe illuminate the themes of tenacity and resolute focus in their verse, accentuating the idea of pressing onward despite naysayers.

The chorus is a potent and assertive mantra – “It is what it is, we taking risks / We can’t quit.” This line serves as a triumphant declaration, affirming the song’s fundamental message and its undying spirit of resilience and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of one’s goals.

In terms of production, “It is what it is” sets itself apart with a remarkably contemporary style. The song’s backbone is a potent, hard-hitting beat that is intricately laced with harmonious piano melodies. This contrast creates an irresistible allure, weaving an auditory tapestry that is as melodious as it is resonant. The song’s beat is unmistakably catchy, serving as a pulsating heartbeat that drives the narrative forward.

The lyrics, both profound and uplifting, are the soul of the song. They paint a vivid and inspirational narrative that resonates deeply with listeners, imbuing them with a sense of daring and optimism. The lyrical prowess on display is evidence of the artists’ exceptional storytelling abilities.

Overall, Kaleb Mitchell’s “It is what it is” is an extraordinary composition that seamlessly combines modern production with meaningful lyricism. It delivers a timely and stirring message, encouraging listeners to be brave, take risks, and follow their dreams. This song stands as a testament to the power of music as a vehicle for inspiration and motivation, making it a worthy addition to any playlist.

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