“Mandem,” a track from Giggs’s self-titled album, stands as a robust representation of the grime artist’s talent and power. With a heavy beat and lethal lyrics, the song is a testament to Giggs’s raw energy and unmistakable style.

The rhythm of the track is driving and infectious. The beats loop in a way that is both enticing and imposing, producing an almost hypnotic air. The track excels in its production, maintaining an engaging, pulsating energy throughout its entirety while mirroring the intensity of the words being spoken.

Giggs’ lyrical prowess is on full display here. With a raw, visceral approach, he uses vivid and gritty imagery to paint a picture of the world he’s part of. His delivery is filled with audacious lines that are dripping with confidence and swagger, creating a palpable sense of his hardened authenticity. There is a natural and compelling rhythm to his words, where each line flows seamlessly from one to the next. His diction is empowering, defiant and peppered with tough metaphors, creating a dense narrative that’s hard to shake off.

Another standout aspect is the inclusion of Diddy’s contributions. His interjections and interpolations bring an added layer of intrigue to the track, infusing it with an extra dose of charisma. The contrast in their delivery styles actually works to the song’s advantage, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

On the downside, some listeners might find the lyrics somewhat difficult to comprehend due to the heavy use of slang and street language. Additionally, the song’s explicit nature may not appeal to everyone.

In all, “Mandem” is a compelling piece that showcases Giggs’s signature grime sound. Its potent mix of heavy rhythms, brash lyrics and commanding performances make it a powerful anthem for those who appreciate the grittier side of music. I give this song a 7/10 – it’s boundary pushing, unapologetic and a distinct example of Giggs’s craft.

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