‘Meuda’ by Tiakola from the album ‘Mélo’ is an intriguing piece of hip hop that indulges in the urban narratives and asserts a stylized expression of reality. Tiakola’s vocal delivery in the song is powerful and brings in a raw essence to the track, which is further accentuated by the heavy bass-laden beats.

The lyrics, although intense, tell a story of daily struggles, defiance, and self-belief. The opening lines, “On va les attendre, pas faire couler l’sang. Attendre et faire doucement” translates to “We’ll wait for them, not spill blood. Wait and do it slowly”. This statement seems to set the tone of the entire track, suggesting a sense of quiet patience in face of adversity.

The repetitive chants “ça vend la beuh d’Meuda” (it sells weed from Meuda) suggest a subtle critique of the drug trade that is rampant in the environment the singer might be referring to, thus adding a stark gritty reality to the song.

Musically, the song seems to align with the rap and hip hop genre, with its heavy beats, catchy melody and a rhythmic repetitive structure. Ronisia’s contribution in the bridge adds an intriguing element, providing a perfect change of pace to the otherwise energetic track.

In conclusion, ‘Meuda’ by Tiakola is a powerful, evocative track which beautifully weaves realism with rhythm. This music takes you on a journey, rather than just being something to listen to – it incorporates urban narratives and intricate beats woven together by Tiakola’s conscious lyrical prowess. If you have an inclination towards music that tells a story and is steeped in reality, ‘Meuda’ surely is worth a listen.

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