“PARANO” by Lost from the album ‘HÉRITAGE’ is a powerful and soul-stirring track that dives deep into the realms of personal struggles, resilience, and reflections on one’s life journey. While it’s delivered in French, its intense emotion and heartfelt lyrics resonate beyond any language barrier.

Lost’s lyrical prowess sets a high bar. The raw emotions of struggle, resilience, and personal introspection all echo powerfully throughout the song. Lines like “Des fois, j’suis dans mes feelings, l’alcool c’est pas de l’eau / On fume que le zaza, ça nous rend parano” depict the personal battles that Lost battles, the realities of life and the escapism sought from it.

Musically, “PARANO” poses a great blend of hip-hop beats layered over subtle trap undertones, giving the track a dark and immersive sonic landscape that perfectly aligns with its thematic concerns. Selectively dispersed background vocals add depth to the track, amplifying the sombre tone of the lyrics.

One of the album’s potent features is its guest appearance by Loud. His verse on “PARANO” blends seamlessly within the track, offering a counterpoint to Lost’s sharp societal observations while heightening the sense of battle and resilience evident in the song’s overall narrative.

Visually, the album ‘HÉRITAGE’ has a gritty, urban aesthetic that is visually stimulating and perfectly complements the ethos of Lost’s music. The artwork successfully captures the essence of the social commentary and narratives prevalent in Lost’s music.

All in all, “PARANO” manages to impress with its potent mix of powerful lyrics, compelling music, and unflinching commentary about societal realities, delivering an overall enriching musical experience. It stands as a testament to Lost’s ability to approach profound themes with a raw and unfiltered lens. Although the track may reverberate significantly with those who comprehend French, it’s delivery ensures a universal appeal.

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