“Perfect” is a track from Logic’s album “No Pressure” where he confidently celebrates his success, asserting both his self-made status and his skill in the rap industry. With its aggressive lyrics combined with a highly energetic beat, it appeals to fans of dynamic and powerful tracks.

The verses are laced with metaphors and similes, showing Logic’s sharp wit and showcasing his talent in lyricism. He voices out his dominance in lines like “I body beats, I’m not discreet” and “I am a fucking beast, I’m from the East”, firing up the competitive spirit within the rap game. Notably, the word “perfect” in the track serves as a catchphrase and a self-proclamation of Logic’s belief in his own capabilities and achievements.

The instrumental aspects of the song mesh incredibly well with Logic’s delivery, creating a soundscape that builds up from start to finish. The beat has an infectious gravitas that pulls listeners in, allowing his message and execution to sit front and center.

In the outro, Logic cites Nujabes, MF Doom, RZA, and Kanye West as key inspirations behind his production style, which explains the marriage of old-school beats with modern rapping techniques in the song, creating a nostalgic yet fresh feel.

However, the song may not cater to everyone’s taste. Listeners looking for subtlety and introspective lyrics may find the confrontational and assertive nature of the track off-putting. Similarly, while this may serve as an encouraging anthem for many of Logic’s fans, others may consider it too arrogant or over-confident.

Overall, “Perfect” is an adrenaline-fueled anthem that reflects Logic’s rap prowess, his journey, and how he perceives his stand in the industry today. It’s a testament to his evolution and perseverance. For listeners who relish raw energy, assertive lyrics, and a charismatic delivery, this track is a must-listen.

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