“Smile” by hip hop duo Eyedea & Abilities, from their album ‘By The Throat’, is an emotionally charged and thought-provoking track that taps into the complexities of human emotions and societal issues.

From its poignant lyrics to its captivating rhythm, the song delivers a potent combination of realism and optimism. The lyrics confront harsh realities- from social inequality to the agony of personal experiences – challenging listeners to address their pain while simultaneously advocating for resilience and hope.

Eyedea, who is known for his complex rapping technique, showcases not only his capacity for fast and intricate wordplay but also his ability to delve into profound themes. His often straightforwardly morose lyrics, such as “Agony is truth, it’s our connection to the living”, are expressed with raw emotion, exposing the darkness and encouraging the listener to accept pain as a part of existence.

The chorus “I can only build if I tear the walls down” is a powerful statement about growth, resilience, and the process of healing. This phrase is repeated, creating an anthem-like feel that invites listeners to find strength amidst struggles.

DJ Abilities complements Eyedea’s emotive lyricism with his production. The backing track adds depth without overwhelming the vocal performance. It balances well with the intense messages, providing an atmospheric ambience that further immerses the listener.

The track “Smile” serves as an introspective exploration of life’s struggles, delivering a compelling message of acceptance and persistence. Its raw emotion and socially charged commentary ensure its place as a powerful piece of conscious hip hop music. It emphasizes the duo’s distinctive style – a blend of sharp intellect, emotional depth, and societal critique. This song is not just a listen, it’s a deeply affecting experience.

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