“Toxic Trait” by Stormzy is a modern, self-assured track. The single presents Stormzy in all his glory – displaying his flair for hip hop and grime music while touching upon themes of accomplishment, wealth, rivalry, and clout. Accentuated by the clear, biting lyrics, the song showcases Stormzy’s signature gritty and resonant style.

Stormzy’s rap flow is determined and assertive, narrating stories and self-reflections in a direct and unapologetic fashion. While the chorus is repetitive, it serves to underline the message of the song and Stormzy’s dominance in the music industry. His reference to being the “black Kate Bush” is indeed impressive, signifying his ability to make an impact and leave a mark in the music world just like the legendary British singer.

In the second verse, guest artist Fredo reinforces the themes of the song, injecting his unique rap style into the mix. His rhymes are sharp and potent, adding an extra layer of depth to the track.

The production is sleek and powerful, with a hard-hitting beat that complements the potent lyricism. The choice to focus on a minimalistic soundscape gives the vocals more room to shine and makes the song feel honest and direct.

The clever references and witty bars, combined with the way they boast of their success, make this track an anthem of triumph. Listeners would appreciate the raw authenticity that is characterized by Stormzy and his music.

However, the song could be perceived as overly braggadocious by some and may not fit everyone’s taste, especially those who prefer more complex or varied song structures.

Overall, “Toxic Trait” is a solid piece that reaffirms Stormzy’s knack for crafting engaging rap verses and keeping his audience entertained with his striking personality. It’s a testament to his continuing growth as an artist and his ability to stay relevant in the quickly evolving music industry.

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