“Wholeworldslatt”, one of the crown jewels of the album ‘s*x m*ney dr*gs’, presents an intriguing amalgamation of rap and trap aesthetics that lends a potent punch to the overall auditory experience. LUCKI and Veeze, the driving forces behind the lyrical content, drench the track in a raw, gritty ambiance that comes across as unabashedly dark and intense.

The lyrics, packed with hard-hitting lines, cast an unflinching spotlight on the trials and tribulations of crime and gang life. The narratives unfurl with a gripping vivacity, painting a startlingly realistic tableau that engages the listener at a visceral level.

A chorus echoing the lines, “I’m slimey, I’m slimey, I’m fittin in”, manages to weave a hypnotic hook that continues to resonate long after the song has ceased. It’s a memorable mantra that effortlessly grabs hold of the listener, firmly establishing itself in the auditory landscape.

Veeze, meanwhile, breaks into the scene with a contrasting verse, his delivery presenting a coolly composed flow. His lines are interspersed with clever wordplay, delivering a vibrant contrast to the aggressive and tension-ridden verses contributed by LUCKI. Veeze’s distinctive style serves as a refreshing palette cleanser, providing an added depth to the track’s intricate structure.

Overall, “Wholeworldslatt” proves to be an aural roller coaster ride, oscillating between moments of intense passion and composed sophistication. Its ability to retain its edge while simultaneously delivering a gratifying experience is what makes it particularly appealing to rap aficionados. With this track, LUCKI and Veeze prove that they are not only adept at pushing the boundaries of rap and trap music, but also excel at drawing listeners into their captivating narratives.

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