DJ Whoo Kid
DJ Whoo Kid

Yves Mondesir, better known by his stage name DJ Whoo Kid, is a pioneering figure in the hip-hop industry. Born on October 12, 1972, in Brooklyn, New York, Whoo Kid has crafted a successful career as a DJ, record producer, radio host, and media personality, influencing the genre’s landscape significantly and helping to bridge the gap between hip-hop and mainstream media.

Whoo Kid’s early life was steeped in music, with influences ranging from reggae, which his parents listened to, to the nascent hip-hop scene that was developing in his neighborhood. His Haitian heritage played a vital role in shaping his cultural identity and musical style, as he often incorporates elements of Caribbean music into his work.

Whoo Kid began his career in the late 1990s as a mixtape DJ, a role that allowed him to help promote new and established artists by releasing their music to the streets. His mixtapes, known for their high energy and seamless mixes, quickly became a staple in the hip-hop community, earning him recognition and increasing his popularity.

His career took a significant turn in 2002 when he became the official DJ for G-Unit Records, a hip-hop group and record label founded by rapper 50 Cent. Whoo Kid played an instrumental role in promoting and marketing G-Unit’s music, significantly contributing to the group’s success and helping solidify their place in hip-hop history.

In his role as G-Unit’s DJ, Whoo Kid produced and hosted multiple mixtapes, including the critically acclaimed “G-Unit Radio” series. His unique mixing style, characterized by his signature “Whoo Kid” drops, added to the appeal of these mixtapes. His collaboration with 50 Cent and G-Unit enhanced his reputation as one of the industry’s leading mixtape DJs and cemented his status in the hip-hop world.

As a record producer, Whoo Kid has worked with numerous high-profile artists, including Eminem, LL Cool J, and Snoop Dogg. He’s been involved in producing several notable albums, demonstrating his talent for creating catchy beats that resonate with audiences.

Apart from his work as a DJ and producer, Whoo Kid has also made significant strides in broadcasting. Since 2005, he has hosted “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Eminem’s Sirius XM channel, Shade 45. His charismatic personality, combined with his knack for securing exclusive interviews with leading figures in music and entertainment, has made the radio show incredibly popular.

In addition to music, Whoo Kid has also ventured into television, film, and digital media. He co-hosted MTV’s “DJ World Championship” and appeared in films like “Morning Glory” and “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” He’s also the creative force behind, a website featuring interviews and mixtapes, further showcasing his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

However, Whoo Kid’s success has not come without its share of challenges. He has faced legal issues related to his mixtape work, a testament to the contentious relationship between the mixtape circuit and the recording industry’s legal apparatus. Yet, despite these challenges, Whoo Kid has remained an influential figure in the industry, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible as a DJ and media personality.

Whoo Kid’s contributions to hip-hop extend beyond his mixtapes, radio shows, and production work. He has played an integral role in shaping hip-hop culture and bridging the gap between the genre and mainstream media. He’s used his platform to introduce new artists, promote established ones, and bring hip-hop music to a wider audience.

Yves Mondesir, a.k.a. DJ Whoo Kid, is a dynamic figure in the world of hip-hop. From his beginnings in the mixtape circuit to his successful career in broadcasting and media, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. His innovative approach to music, combined with his ability to connect with audiences and artists alike, has helped shape the trajectory of hip-hop, solidifying his place as one of the genre’s most influential figures.