King Roach
King Roach

Originating from the pulsating heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, Alex “King Roach” Montañez is an artist whose authenticity echoes through his raw sound and impassioned performances. With over two decades of songwriting and recording experience under his belt, this artist of Puerto Rican descent has been enthralled by music since childhood, with melodies and rhythms becoming as vital to his existence as the air he breathes.

Debuting professionally in 2008, King Roach is an undeniable crowd-pleaser. His music and charisma have filled venues ranging from high-end establishments to modest local bars across the tri-state area. His craft is a captivating blend of catchy lyrics and a soulful voice, delivering live performances that embody the integrity and excellence of his work.

Beyond being a gifted musician, King Roach is a multi-faceted personality with his influence reaching into every corner of the entertainment industry. He has authored the inspirational book “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming” and spent significant time producing and curating content for various platforms, ranging from websites to live productions and festivals.

In his earlier years, King Roach began his artistic journey as a humble singer-songwriter, working toward mastering the art of songwriting with nothing but an acoustic guitar during his teenage years. These formative experiences would later prove transformative, shaping his destiny when he stepped onto the stage for the first time. Today, with over a hundred performances to his credit, his creative journey is well-documented, much of which is available for viewing on

As a producer and radio personality for the Bud and Roach Show, he and co-host Alonzo Taylor have had the privilege of interacting with artists from across the globe, hosting celebrity guests on a platform initially operated out of King Roach’s own living room. As a marketing director, he has conceptualized campaigns for various businesses, entertainers, and celebrity artists, which led him to Purfek Storm Group. Here, he refined his marketing skills, focusing on promoting talent across the entertainment spectrum.

Today, as the CEO of Global Domination Productions LLC, King Roach is a behind-the-scenes tour de force. He documents his creative journey on Dominate The Globe, an autobiographical, members-only motivational blog. The platform explores his trials and tribulations, recounting his battle with alcoholism and addiction, the grueling journey towards stardom, and his relentless pursuit of artistic global domination. Since attaining sobriety, King Roach has spearheaded several creative outlets like “Dominate The Globe”, and with the publication of “Change Your Mind: A Guide To Dreaming”, he is committed to using his creative talents to inspire others to transform their dreams into reality.

King Roach is a proud member of the Purfek Storm team, leveraging his extensive skillset and deep understanding of technology to evolve as an artist and entertainer. His technological proficiency serves as a springboard, enabling him to breathe life into new creative visions. King Roach’s story is a testament to resilience, creativity, and an unyielding commitment to personal and artistic growth. His journey, characterized by its highs and lows, continues to inspire countless individuals as he moves toward global domination. His enduring artistic pursuit, coupled with his efforts to motivate and inspire others, ensure his legacy will resonate in the annals of the entertainment industry.