Maniya aka The Songbird

Where music meets passion and purpose and talent, you will find Maniya, the amazing
new singer from New York City. Maniya blends crisp vocals and sweet melodies with old tones, riffs and rhythms to create a fresh new beautiful sound for R&B fans. A talented and accomplished artist, dedicated to her craft, Maniya first began singing as a toddler, when she would sing, follow melody and harmonize with her favorite cartoons and commercials long before she could talk. It was then she earned the nickname, Songbird, because of the beautiful melodic sounds she created. Maniya continued to sing and at the age of 13, she was selected to the Emmy Award-winning Gospel for Teens choir, a renowned urban choral program in Harlem New York formed by gospel great Sissy Houston and Vy Higginssen, producer of the highly acclaimed off-Broadway play, Mama I Want to Sing.

Maniya sang professionally with the choir, providing BGVs for some of the most talented Pop and R&B artists in music at some of the most impressive venues and stages across the country and on the small screen for 4 years when she received an unprecedented scholarship to Berklee College of Music, the foremost school for contemporary music in the country. Maniya earned her bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance, but not before studying, learning and understanding her instrument, honing her skill and realizing her power and purpose. Ready for the world, The Songbird emerged from school well-rounded, well-accomplished and well-respected in her industry as she currently works with a host of young singers as a vocal coach.

Maniya is excited to release her first single, Curious, which is the first song off her
upcoming EP, Dear Diary. Curious is a fresh sound with clever lyrics that sits firmly at
the intersection of neo-soul and R&B. We’re sure Curious will provide the wind that
powers the wings of our amazing Songbird. We invite you along the ride as she takes
flight toward a new horizon beyond the stars!