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The estimated amount of money available for the movie's production, including expenses for cast, crew, sets, and special effects.
The category or style of the movie, such as action, comedy, romance, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, or horror.
The appropriate audience age range for the movie, indicating the level of content suitability.
LInear Structure
The chronological order in which events unfold in the movie, following a straightforward narrative progression.
The overarching theme or concept of the movie, such as redemption, coming-of-age, love triangle, heist, mystery, revenge, or survival.
The initial circumstances or conflict that sets the story in motion, providing the foundation for the plot.
The resolution or outcome of the story, including the fate of the main characters and the overall message or moral of the movie.
The specific historical era or time frame in which the movie is set, such as ancient civilization, medieval times, the Victorian era, World War II, or the future.
The specific season or time of year that the movie takes place.
The estimated number of locations that will be featured in the production of this movie.
The basic demographic outline for each of the primary characters in the movie.
The archetype or characteristics of the main protagonist, such as the reluctant hero, the anti-hero, the chosen one, or the underdog.
The archetype or characteristics of the main antagonist, representing the opposition or conflict for the hero.
A familiar or stereotypical character often seen in movies, such as the wise mentor, the comic relief, the femme fatale, or the sidekick.
A distinct group within society that shares unique interests, values, or behaviors, such as a subculture of gamers, musicians, bikers, or hackers.
The moral values or principles that are explored or emphasized throughout the movie, influencing the characters' actions and decisions.
The representation and inclusion of different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, or social backgrounds within the movie's cast and themes.
The exciting or intense sequences involving physical combat, stunts, chases, or explosions that add thrill and excitement to the movie.
The real-life issues, experiences, or challenges that the movie explores, such as love, friendship, family dynamics, personal growth, or overcoming adversity.
The portrayal or exploration of themes related to substance abuse, addiction, or the impact of drugs on individuals or society.
The extraordinary abilities or powers possessed by certain characters within the movie.
The visual or audio effects used to enhance or create spectacular and fantastical elements within the movie.
The exploration of romantic relationships, friendships, family dynamics, or other interpersonal connections within the movie.
The involvement or focus on sports-related activities, competitions, athletes, or the sports industry within the movie.
Write as much detail as possible. ie. Movie title, ideas, breakdowns, character names, etc.