The world of professional wrestling is known for its scripted chaos inside the ring, but sometimes the most intense moments happen behind the scenes. In a recent interview on The Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show on SiriusXM, hip-hop personality DJ Whoo Kid gave an insider’s perspective on the infamous AEW All In 2023 brawl between CM Punk and Jack Perry, shedding light on the backstage chaos that led to the AEW release of “The Best in the World.”

DJ Whoo Kid, who was present backstage during the historic AEW All In 2023 show at Wembley Stadium in London, England, shared his vivid memories of the dramatic turn of events that unfolded.

Reflecting on the backstage brawl, DJ Whoo Kid didn’t hold back, revealing, “You already know what happened in the back. It was straight brawl city. I’m not gonna talk about that. Blood and killing and death [laughs]. You might as well say it. I was right there. We were next. They put us to be ready to go.”

The intensity escalated to a point where Tony Khan, the president of AEW, conveyed to DJ Whoo Kid that this incident was “the last straw” for CM Punk. DJ Whoo Kid recounted, “It was crazy. It’s ongoing they told me, this has been an ongoing…that was the last straw. It was the biggest moment for AEW, and I guess he was trying to sabotage that moment. He wasn’t trying to go out there. I’m in the middle. I’m the fly on the wall. It was very intense. I always thought it was fake and all this sh*t. It’s more real. It was wrestling back there.”

As tensions rose, someone shouted, demanding that everyone get out there and ‘do their sht.’ DJ Whoo Kid recalled, “There was a yelling moment where he was like ‘fck this sht, this is our moment, everybody get the fck out there and do your sh*t.’ I was like, I don’t wrestle, but I was about to go out there. It was very intense. I will always respect wrestling after I saw that.”

Contrary to expectations, it wasn’t CM Punk who was doing the yelling but, as DJ Whoo Kid described, the ‘Hawaiian-looking dude.’ The chaos was palpable, with blood from a previous fight adding to the intensity of the situation.

This eye-opening interview with DJ Whoo Kid provides a rare glimpse behind the curtain of the wrestling world, showcasing the raw and unscripted moments that can unfold backstage. To read the complete interview and get more exclusive insights into the entertainment industry, visit—your ultimate source for all things entertainment.

DJ Whoo Kid’s revelations about the backstage turmoil at AEW All In 2023 offer fans a unique perspective on the unpredictability that can occur in the world of professional wrestling. As the dust settles, the aftermath of this incident continues to reverberate, reminding us that sometimes the most captivating moments happen when the cameras are off.