TNA Hard to Kill is gearing up for an unforgettable night, and it’s not just about the wrestling action. The charismatic “Top Dolla” AJ Francis is teaming up with renowned DJ Whoo Kid to unveil something special at the upcoming Pay-Per-View event on January 13. While Top Dolla won’t be stepping into the TNA ring as a wrestler, he’s set to take the stage in a different way, alongside DJ Whoo Kid, with the debut of their music video for the track “We Out$ide.”

For fans of Top Dolla, also known for his time in the Hit Row faction in NXT and WWE, this collaboration offers a unique opportunity to witness the multifaceted talent that extends beyond the squared circle. As the anticipation builds, wrestling enthusiasts can prepare for a fusion of wrestling and music, creating an electrifying atmosphere at TNA Hard to Kill.

The announcement was made official by TNA with a graphic dedicated to DJ Whoo Kid, adding an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming event. The collaboration between Top Dolla and DJ Whoo Kid adds an unexpected element to the Pay-Per-View, promising a performance that goes beyond the traditional wrestling experience.

Top Dolla’s journey in the wrestling world has been marked by memorable moments, including a notorious botched dive that, surprisingly, played a crucial role in saving his life. The incident led to a medical examination, revealing a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Now, with a new chapter unfolding, Top Dolla is ready to showcase his talents in the realm of music alongside DJ Whoo Kid.

DJ Whoo Kid, no stranger to the wrestling scene, has made appearances in AEW, accompanying notable figures like The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn at Grand Slam in Arthur Ashe Stadium and Swerve Strickland at All In in Wembley Stadium. The collaboration with Top Dolla at TNA Hard to Kill adds another milestone to his impressive resume.

As wrestling enthusiasts gear up for TNA Hard to Kill, the question arises: Are you excited to get funky with AJ Francis and DJ Whoo Kid? The fusion of wrestling and music is set to make this Pay-Per-View an unforgettable spectacle. Stay tuned for the debut of “We Out$ide” and witness the magic unfold on January 13.